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SolidWorks Partners with InspectionXpert to Automate Inspection Reports
When SOLIDWORKS heard from their customers how much time and energy they were spending on inspection reports they teamed up with inspection specialists InspectionXpert to develop a solution that could take the pain out of creating the reports.

The result was SOLIDWORKS Inspection and SOLIDWORKS Inspection Professional. Like most of their products, DS SOLIDWORKS came up with these solutions based on customer request, said Mathieu Fourcade, product portfolio manager, SOLIDWORKS. What they found was that their customers were completing inspection reports by hand.

This is especially true for companies in the automotive, aerospace and defense, oil and gas, and medical device industries, where inspection reports are a fundamental and inescapable part of doing business because they are mandated by both national and international laws, meaning that careful tracking of inspection data is a core aspect of how these businesses protect themselves from lawsuits, fines and even criminal prosecution. “In all of these industries designers have to manually take their data and enter it into a report,” said Fourcade. “This is not only time consuming but also can lead to costly mistakes derived from human error.”

To develop both versions of the software the SOLIDWORKS Inspection team joined forces with SOLIDWORKS Partner, InspectionXpert to take advantage of their already existing inspection technology. This allowed the SOLIDWORKS Inspection team to work with customers who had already been taking advantage of inspection technology to help the software developers understand what their customers were looking for and what they were not interested in. “Most of the customers told us what they wanted was to be able to generate the reports fast,” said Fourcade. “Because most of our customers do not generate any direct value from these documents other than meeting legal requirements, any time spent on their creation is lost time and money and this means that speed is their top priority.”

InspectionXpert are the makers of a suite of software products designed to help engineering organizations automate the creation of their inspection documents, their products include a SOLIDWORKS plugin designed to export SOLIDWORKS data directly to any inspection reports.

According to Fourcade most of the customers who the SOLIDWORKS Inspection team worked with during the product’s development found that they were able to reduce the process of generating reports from one to two hours, down to five to 10 minutes.

Both toolsets are available as a SOLIDWORKS plugin or as standalone applications that allow designers and engineers to automate the process of creating ballooned inspection drawings and inspection reports, such as AS91002 or PPAP forms. In addition the technology allows users to import legacy data from a wide range of file formats including SOLIDWORKS files, PDFs and TIFFs. Users can then add characteristic values or in SOLIDWORKS Inspection Professional they can be acquired using a digital caliper or be imported using results from a coordinate measuring arm. Once acquired users can instantly see if the part meets inspection requirements. By automating this process SOLIDWORKS Inspection ensures that the kind of human errors that can occur during the process of manually entering data cannot occur.
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Published 2014-06-06 00:00:00