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NVision Scanners Provide Critical Evidence in Product Liability Cases

The high levels of accuracy provided by non-contact scanning can often find small defects that might otherwise be missed; conversely, that accuracy can often rule out hypothesized causes of accidents.

In another product liability case involving an airplane crash, an important element of the plaintiff’s theory on what had caused the crash was based on the idea that a component on the aircraft lacked a tiny indentation that would have indicated that it had engaged another component. Plaintiff’s experts had performed laser scanning of the part in question and provided the raw point cloud data. “NVision converted the point cloud to a surface model that clearly showed the indentation was present, though it was invisible to the naked eye,” Lewis said. “Their work allowed us to use the plaintiff’s expert’s own data to support our position and was instrumental in helping our client settle the case for a relatively small amount of money.”

In yet another case, the plaintiff wanted to cut up an important piece of evidence to analyze its interior, despite the fact that the point of failure was on the surface of the part. “Their purpose, in my opinion, was to expose tiny imperfections that are present in any casting with the belief that they would make the part appear faulty,” Lewis said. “The question before the court was whether the feature at the fracture origin could be so accurately modeled that its destruction in the cutting process would not destroy important evidence. Since non-contact scanning is the most accurate method of reverse engineering that we know of, we sent that part to NVision to see if they could accurately reproduce this tiny feature. They said they could not and based on their findings we won a motion that prevented the evidence from being destroyed.”

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Published 2013-03-18 00:00:00