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New SIMULIA Products Focus on Meeting User Demands
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The last two months have been a busy time for the SIMULIA team.

The Dassault Systèmes-based developers of analysis solutions have released new versions of both their Isight and Abaqus simulation toolsets. In both cases the new releases are motivated by a desire to meet the specific requests made by SIMULIA users.

For Isight, SIMULIA’s analysis automation tool, this marks version 5.5 in the product’s development. Alex Van Der Velden, product manager, SIMULIA, identified three core focuses based on requests from users of previous versions. Requests lead to an improved interface, expanding the process integration and optimizing the design process.

Isight 5.5’s Dymola integration in action

As far as the interface goes they created an interface that is as intuitive as possible to both professional analysts and non-analysts, said Van Der Velden. In addition they focused on making menus easy to locate and finding ways to make the navigation process increasingly visual.

Similarly, meeting the customer demands to improve the process integration primarily takes the form of adding full integration with Dassault Systèmes Dymola product. Dymola integration allows users to bring models directly into Insight 5.5 without requiring them to spend excess time on processing or rework, Van Der Velden said. The goal of this feature is to improve the accessibility of the product by reducing the amount of technical expertise needed to bring models in and out of the software as they are used.

The new integration features in Isight also allow users to directly import and export data to and from Microsoft Excel, allowing them to quickly use and create spread sheets to track their data and also use the data contained in spreadsheets to create simulations.

As far as optimizing the design process, the number of mathematical processes the software can perform has expanded. For instance Isight now has the ability to handle Mixed-Integer Sequential Quadratic Programming, a solution for analysis calculation that Van Der Velden described as a cutting edge technique for the optimization of mixed and real integer variables. This allows users to solve problems using both integers and real variables.

Isight 5.5 also features the ability to greatly improve the post processing phase by allowing users to quickly overlay the results of several analysis projects simultaneously. In addition it gives them the ability to create custom charts and deploy carpet points to show the interactive behavior of two independent variables.

Similar to Isight 5.5 the upgrades to Abaqus 6.11 also focus on improved usability.

Abaqus 6.11 now has improved integration between analysis tools and CAD software. The primary addition to Abaqus 6.11 is the bidirectional parameter update capability for CATIA V5. Users will be able to import CAD models into Abaqus/CAE with tagged parameters and highlight or update them for design optimization studies. The updated parameters are exported back to CATIA V5 in an efficient manner and the model in Abaqus/CAE updated without any loss of model attributes explained Asif Khan, the product manager for Abaqus/CAE at SIMULIA.
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Published  06/06/2011 
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